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A key part of my academic production has been the development of open-source software tools for the collection and analysis of social media data in the social sciences. In particular, I have released packages that allow R users to query the Twitter Streaming API, the Facebook Graph API, and the Instagram REST API. Follow the links below for tutorials.


This R package, available on CRAN, provides access to Twitter's Streaming API via R. See the vignette for a tutorial on how to use it. The latest version is on this GitHub repository.


This R package, available on GitHub extracts publication information from Google Scholar to produce a visualization of collaboration ego networks. See the README for a tutorial on how to use it.


R package that provides a series of functions to collect and analyze Twitter data, and to estimate the ideological positions of Twitter users. See GitHub repository for latest version and documentation.


Python tools for the analysis of Twitter data in JSON format or in MongoDB collections, and network visualization using Gephi. See GitHub repository.

For more code and other materials, check my GitHub repositories